[linux-dvb] pcHDTV5500 cx88-dvb module issue / possible bug

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Tue Jan 1 21:41:56 CET 2008

Mr Greg Bazar wrote:
> Basically, the card is detected, as seen in dmesg, and the module tries
>  to load, but I don't get a /dev/dvb device.  If I modprobe the
>  cx88-dvb module manually, I get a FATAL error, saying the device is not found.
> Mkrufky had me build the latest drivers from the mercurial source tree,
>  and that didn't help (hg heads = changeset: 6937:f637ac5a5898)
> The analog side of the card works fine.
> I am running a Mythbuntu 7.10 iso install with the latest apt updates
>  applied.  This card was working yesterday on my Ubuntu 6.06 install with
>  Myth, and I did a clean install of the Mythbuntu setup.
> My output from the build of the new modules + the resulting reboot and
>  dmesg is here: http://pastebin.ca/838697
> Any help would be appreciated.  I am wondering if it is something with
>  UDEV etc, but I don't know enough about those systems to be anything
>  other than dangerous.

Any progress? Your Udev thought sounds reasonable ... maybe check with
the Mythbuntu folks to see what they say.

Did you try as root or just user? I'm wondering if there is some sort of
bizarre user permission bug occurring.

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