[linux-dvb] RE : New tuning file for eiffel tower DVB-T transmitter

Thierry Lelegard thierry.lelegard at tv-numeric.com
Wed Jan 2 10:37:53 CET 2008

For Paris downtown, the Eiffel Tower is the main transmitter.
For the surburb, the transmitters are listed below with their
list of UHF channels (frequency in MHz = 306 + 8 * UHF-channel)

Paris - Tour Eiffel      : 21 24 27 29 32 35
Paris Est - Chennevières : 35 51 54 57 60 63
Paris Nord - Sannois     : 35 51 54 57 60 63
Paris Sud - Villebon     : 35 51 56 57 60 63

I have no official information on other modulation parameters,
although the following should be fine for most of them:


except for channel 35 (586 MHz) which is:


Also, an offset of n * 166.7 kHz may be applied to the frequency
with n in the range -1 to +3 in France. I do not know where to find
the official list of offsets for France. Using either a Hauppauge
Nova-T-500 or a Nova-T-Stick, using the central frequency without
offset seems fine in the Paris area.

I also noted that using wrong values for some modulation parameters
such as FEC or guard interval has no impact. The two above mentioned
Hauppauge tuners automatically switch to the right values (these values
are transmitted in the TPS). I do not know if the correct values are
read from the TPS and applied by the hardware or driver (any info
on the subject would be appreciated).

Note that one of the 6 frequencies is currently mute (the so-called R5
MUX). It has been used in 2006 for DVB-H tests and in 2007 for DVB-T/HD
tests. It will be used for official DVB-T/HD broadcasting in Q1 or Q2 2008.

The map of current DTTV transmitters in France can be found at

The current list of transmitters and their corresponding UHF channels
can be found at http://www.csa.fr/pdf/frequences_tnt_planifiees_alpha.pdf
(document in French).


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Am Montag 24 Dezember 2007 schrieb Alexis de Lattre:
> On 22.12.2007 14:01, Christoph Pfister wrote :
> >> - renamed file to fr-Paris_eiffel_tower as there are multiple DVB-T
> >> transmitters in the Paris area.
> >
> > Normally, all transmitters in big cities use the same frequencies (so
> > called single-frequency networks), so this rename shouldn't be necessary.
> It is not the case in the Paris area unless for multiplex R1 : mux R1 is
> SFN but all the other muxes are MFN. That's why is it important to know
> the transmitter and not just the city name.

Argh. How many transmitters are there? I think it would be quite convenient 
(for the user) to only have one fr-Paris, so we could put multiple 
transmitters into that file ...

> P.S. : I have enclosed the tuning file of another DVB-T transmitter of
> the Paris area called "Paris Nord Sannois".



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