[linux-dvb] Geniatech T328

Qinyong Liu qinyong.liu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 09:36:12 CET 2008

This device confused me for a long time. And yesterday, I opened it and 
checked every IC it uses. Appearently, this device uses MT2060F and 
ZL10353, and another IC called CY7C68013A.

So, I searched bttv and found that FREECOM has made a usb pen with 
almost the same three chips. 
( http://bttv-gallery.de/high/bttv-gallery.html ) 

Now, the only difference is that the two usb pens have different usb id. 
Freecom: 14aa:022b
Geniatech T328: 04b4:8613

I read the files in v4l and it seems that mt2060, zl10353 are finished, 
but there is no file with the name cy7c68013. And until now, I an still 
not clear with v4l and i don't know how it works. Would you give me some 

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