[linux-dvb] How can I save an entire TS to a file? Please help me

Matteo Pampolini matteo_pampolini at yahoo.it
Thu Jan 3 17:12:07 CET 2008

Hello everybody and happy new year,

my name is Matteo, I'm writing from Italy and this is
my first post to this list.

I'm trying to record an entire (data included) DVB-T
TS into a file, I tried many solutions before posting,
say dvbstream, DVBStreamer, VideoLAN, but always
without success.

I have an USB 2.0 SigmaTek DVB-300 device, that Linux
recognises as:

 dvb-usb: found a 'DiBcom USB2.0 DVB-T reference
design (MOD3000P)' in warm state.

Moreover, during initialization I get this message:

dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream
to the software demuxer.

As far as I can understand this means that the entire
transport stream should be passed to the kernel
software demuxer that in turns selects the PIDs I

But what about the entire TS? I read about the special
PID 8192, but I did not understood if this is a
dvbstream feature (that doesn't work, at least for me)
or if it's a LinuxDVB one.

Anyway, I am able to tune, of course, able to record a
single service and stream it to be watched through
VLC, but not to record the entire TS into a file, can
anyone please help me?

Many thanks in advance,


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