[linux-dvb] How can I save an entire TS to a file? Please help me

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Thu Jan 3 18:21:54 CET 2008

Il Thursday 03 January 2008 17:12:07 Matteo Pampolini ha scritto:
> Hello everybody and happy new year,
> my name is Matteo, I'm writing from Italy and this is
> my first post to this list.
> I'm trying to record an entire (data included) DVB-T
> TS into a file, I tried many solutions before posting,
> say dvbstream, DVBStreamer, VideoLAN, but always
> without success.
> I have an USB 2.0 SigmaTek DVB-300 device, that Linux
> recognises as:
>  dvb-usb: found a 'DiBcom USB2.0 DVB-T reference
> design (MOD3000P)' in warm state.
> Moreover, during initialization I get this message:
> dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream
> to the software demuxer.
> As far as I can understand this means that the entire
> transport stream should be passed to the kernel
> software demuxer that in turns selects the PIDs I
> need.
> But what about the entire TS? I read about the special
> PID 8192, but I did not understood if this is a
> dvbstream feature (that doesn't work, at least for me)
> or if it's a LinuxDVB one.

it's a feature of the linuxdvb drivers  that the specific driver
must be able to handle correctly, although in your case
there doesn't seem to be a problem

> Anyway, I am able to tune, of course, able to record a
> single service and stream it to be watched through
> VLC, but not to record the entire TS into a file, can
> anyone please help me?

what command line are you using?
$ dvbstream -f FREQ -bw BW -o 8192 > dump.ts 
is sufficient

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