[linux-dvb] scan command returning wrong FEC if wrong NIT info. se-Karlstad mux now fixed.

Simon G linuxtv at simong.net
Fri Jan 4 01:19:58 CET 2008

It appears that the scan command (regarding dvb-t at least) is reading the
0x0010 PID (NIT) to return the FEC values instead of getting them from the
tuner frontend. Maybe it was easier this way. Anyway I noticed this as my
channels.conf generated by the scan command wasn't working for me.

It turned out that the NIT PID(Network Information) was sending the wrong
info from the Karlstad transmitter. I contacted them about it and
amazingly they fixed the problem! Thanks to Teracom (The Swedish
transmission authority).

Anyway it appears that the NIT is only meant as information and that most
tuners can discover the FEC rates themselves. So it can be a good tip to
try changing your generated channels.conf to FEC_NONE or FEC_AUTO if your
having problems.


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