[linux-dvb] Diseqc and TT 3200-S2

Marco Coli marco.coli at hicad-dsc.it
Fri Jan 4 14:31:48 CET 2008

Manu Abraham ha scritto:
> Marco Coli wrote:
>> well well well, mistery revealed!
>> For the developers: are you already aware of these differences? Do you 
>> need more info? Is support for this board planned?
> Well, it looks like you have a broken EEPROM.
> 0x13c2: 1019 is the ID for the TT S2 3200 and Skystar DVB-S2 H Dcards that 
> i have known.
Gosh, I am very unlucky! Once upon a time I bought a TT S-1500 which 
resulted to have the same problem with its subsystem id, now a s2-3200 
with also a fake ID!! (for the record, the supplier is not the same)... 
In the former case I solved changing in the source the references to the 
id with mine faked one.
I think this can be a quick workaround in this situation also. I need to 
examine budget-ci.c only?
> Oliver has an EEPROM rewriting application somewhere. I remember him talking
> about it sometime back. Alternatively you can search the archives, for fixing the
> (Added CC to Oliver. Maybe he can give you more explanations)

Thank you very much, this can be a long term solution to my problem. 
I'll search the list.

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