[linux-dvb] System fails to boot on adding second DVB-T PCI card

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sat Jan 5 10:17:16 CET 2008

Hi:  I'm running MythTV 0.21 under CentOS 5, all updated  from ATrpms  etc.

The DVB-T card is 'AVerTV DVB-T Super 007', which worked out-of-the-box 
after I had used the get_dvb_fimware script packaged in kernel-docs.  
Manual extraction, as mentioned in the wiki, didn't give a usable file.

I have a second identical card which I would like to add, but with it in 
place booting stops with a blank screen soon after the udev stage.  That 
reports a malformed kmdl, but with one card this is presumably corrected 
after the firmware load.  I don't see any jumpers on the card.

I also have a Medion 7134 card in place; I intend to use its SVHS input 
but at present it isn't much used. I mention it because all the devices 
include an saa7134.

My apologies if this is a well-known effect, but I don't recollect 
seeing it mentioned and would like to get it fixed.  Thanks in advance.

John Pilkington


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