[linux-dvb] Theater Pro 650 PCIe

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Sat Jan 5 19:01:54 CET 2008

Jerediah Fevold wrote:
> I should have an MSI Theater 650 Pro PCIe hybrid TV tuner in the mail
> soon. I don't have any experience with TV tuners under Linux. What can
> I do to get this card working under Linux?

1 - Contact AMD and obtain the documentation for:
* the 650 IC
* the 312 IC

I really doubt either of which is going to happen. But bug them; you
never know. Merc or Alex, from the m/l, maybe able to comment further,
though then again, maybe they can't (freely).

2- develop a driver for, at the very least:
* the 650 IC ... likely a huge task not suited for the faint of heart
(given that this IC is all of the following: analog IF demodulator, A/V
decoder, MPEG2 encoder, PCIe bridge)
* the theater 312 digital demodulator
* the TI SN761677 tuner

Additional niceties would be a driver for:
* the AKM AK5355 (audio decoder ... the 650 IC apparently only handles
broadcast audio (i.e. that from analog TV sources)) ... this is the same
IC on the HDTV Wonder ... someone, who seemed competent, was looking to
get external audio working on their HDTV Wonder back in early Nov (?),
but I haven't seen a peep about further driver development for the chip
since then...this all occurred on exchanges on the #irc channel

Additionally, there are some other chips (IIRC, Pericoms ) on the card
related to PCIe switching ... you might need to know a thing or two
about them in order to get the thing working properly.

3 - I expect you to get to work on this immediately and have the
completed code on my desk by Monday.

4 - .... what! you're still here? You've got a lot of work to do if you
ever expect to meet that deadline imposed in (3)

In other words -- sorry for the bad news, but it is unlikely that
support (or even development) for this (or related cards) is going to be
happening any time soon.

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