[linux-dvb] twinhan 1020A not working

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Sat Jan 5 19:43:26 CET 2008

Gregor Fuis wrote:
> I have 4 twinhan 1020A cards (Skystar1 CI). 

The Skystar 1 CI is actually a VP-1030A clone:

> When I was inserting one by one card separately. I 
> had to fix them firmware with instructions from dvb wiki and then they 
> worked.

Ahh -- good to know. I was unaware that VP-1030A was susceptible to the
same problem as the 1020, 1020A, and 1030 models....but, then again, I
guess the 1030A is simply more-or-less a 1020A with the CI interface on

I've recently provided a good number of updates to the "kernel hang
solution" instructions in the 1020A article --- there have been several
people who have contacted me privately about this problem and were
having difficultly implementing the solution (as, really, it wasn't too
clearly outlined in the wiki), as well as seeing several people mention
it on the #irc channel recently. .... I guess that, coincidentally,
there has been an elevated occurrence in the number of users
encountering the problem recently. .... anyway, after discussions with
Manu, and by adopting some of the output one end user (who managed to
slug it through solving the problem on his own) provided in the wiki
article talk page, a much more informative set of instructions for
solving the kernel hang problem are now found (presently only) in the
1020A article...I'll adapt/apply that information soon to the 1020, 1030
and 1030A articles as well.

A very small quantity of the older 1020 & 1030 models are also
susceptible to another problem, that is similar in nature, but which
requires a different fix .... (the fix is really a hack, so it can't be
permenantly added to the drivers ... but, nonetheless, for those users
experiencing this, this quick work around should be sufficient in most
cases to do the trick). It isn't expected that many users will encounter
this problem (apparently the problem could only surface in the case of
<10,000 cards from circa 2001/2 ... so from the purchasers of that lot,
Linux end users probably account for only a small fraction ... and you
could probably figure that many of these cards may no longer be in
use/deployed any longer either). Nonetheless, one user encountered this
as recently as August last year....I've been meaning to update the 1020
& 1030 wiki articles regarding this for a long time, but haven't yet got
there -- perhaps soon, when I make the other changes mentioned above.
Anyway, this other problem doesn't pertain to your case ... which makes
me question why I even blabbed on about it in the first place, but
whatever :P

> But when I installed them all in the system, they all stopped to 
> work and even halt system at boot sometimes.
> ....
> [snip]
> ....

Just some random thoughts:
- do you have any other dvb cards installed in this system (PCI/USB/or
- are you using CAMs with all 4 of these cards ?

(I'm already thinking that this is going to be somehow related to CAM
use .... no real basis for that thought, just an intuition)

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