[linux-dvb] twinhan 1020A not working

Gregor Fuis gujs.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 21:18:26 CET 2008

CityK wrote:
> Just some random thoughts:
> - do you have any other dvb cards installed in this system (PCI/USB/or
> otherwise)?
> - are you using CAMs with all 4 of these cards ?
> (I'm already thinking that this is going to be somehow related to CAM
> use .... no real basis for that thought, just an intuition)

I don't use any other dvb card in that computer, but maybe one of them 
is other revision, because 3 of them are blue and one green.

I don't need CAM so if you have a solution without CAM that should work 
just tell me about it.

Would it make any difference if I try with latest v4l-dvb or any other 
hg repository?



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