[linux-dvb] twinhan 1020A not working

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Sun Jan 6 16:29:09 CET 2008

Remy Bohmer wrote:
> There are different cards out there, ALL named Skystar 1 CI, with
> different Firmware contents and can be recognised on the different
> colors of the PCB, but all are distributed under the same name. 

Are you sure about that ? "Skystar 1 CI" , to me, is a name specific to
TechniSat.  Are you saying that TechniSat sold several different
versions of the "Skystar 1 CI", or are you saying that ALL these cards
went by the "Skystar 1 CI" name?  If the later, then you are incorrect,
as can be seen in the wiki alone:
- http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TechniSat_SkyStar_1_CI
- http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Twinhan_VP-1030A
- http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Pinnacle_PCTV_Sat_CI
- http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hercules_Smart_TV_Satellite

> The < rev3.0 cards are clones of VP1032/VP1030C and the firmware is DST-CI,
> while the rev3.0 card is a Clone of VP1030A, with DSTMCI firmware

You appear to be correct with the firmware associations, but are you
sure about the rev. associations? (perhaps reversed?)

For example, take the Digital Rise DTV PCI Sat CI (we don't have a wiki
article for it, just an entry for it in the "DVB-S PCI Cards" page
(http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB-S_PCI_Cards) it appears to be
a VP1032 clone if I'm not mistaken (though I very well could be, as I'm
not really up on these cards).  It can be seen here:

The VP1032 is a more modern card and most certainly came after the
VP1030A, ... and I think that is true for the VP1030C too (i.e came
after the VP1030A).  So why would the VP1032/VP1030C be "< rev3.0
cards", while the older VP1030A be a "rev.3.0" ?

> I had them all described on the
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB-S_PCI_Cards, but I see that
> the page is rearranged, and the stuff I added to get all these cards
> to work properly is gone now. 

I reviewed that article's history, and I can't find these descriptions. 
Can you point the revision out to which you mean.

Are you talking about the link to the "TwinHan cards list"?  That info
was moved to the TwinHan article itself (see:
http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TwinHan) and I corrected the
redirect links in the DVB-S PCI cards page.  But I don't know of , or
recall seeing, any descriptions of how to get these cards to work properly.

Was that information perhaps posted into the old "Supported DVB Cards"
article, which was supposedly for "developer info"?  I've been slowly
ripping that old article apart and placing the information in the
rightful places -- i.e. each device's own article proper.  In other
cases, I've moved the info from the "supported DVB Cards" page to a
temporary location.  Example - just look at the TwinHan page, and you
will find a number of entries from the old "Supported DVB Cards" page
currently housed there for the time being (until the TwinHan card
articles get cleaned up).  Inspecting that page (TwinHan), you will see
that that manufacturer's cards are poorly documented -- i.e. we are
missing articles on a large number of TwinHan devices, and that is
simply because no one has ever bothered to create them.  In addition,
the wiki is still plagued by TwinHan cards that haven't been properly
indexed yet (i.e they need to be renamed to the "TwinHan VP- xxxxx"
convention, or whatever "TwinHan model_name").  Example:

Properly renaming/indexing the device articles tends to be a lot of work
-- as you need fix all the articles that link to it.  I don't like
leaving redirects because:
A - they are not needed -- the wiki's search engine works very well
B - they make a mess of the index
C - make maintenance of the wiki more difficult

> I also described what to do to get rid
> of the kernel hang during boot, which only occured with the rev3.0 of
> this card back then, where an invalid procedure to determine the
> card-id in the driver caused the wrong code to be executed, resulted
> in a kernel hang during boot.  

I only recall ever seeing the "kernel hang" howto that originated in the
VP-1020A article (initial mention of it was by "Leon22, on Nov 6,
2005).  If you compare that initial entry
with what exists today
(http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Twinhan_VP-1020A), you'll see
that its come a long way.

> I also notice the pictures of the 1.4
> cards are gone also, this version of this card worked properly in the
> past. (receiver block is rotated compared to the rev3.0 cards, and PCB
> is dark-blue)

They haven't gone anywhere; they're in the same place they've always
been: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Twinhan_VP-1030C

If you're talking about not being present on the "DVB-S PCI Cards" page,
then my reply is that, as far as I could see from glancing at the page
history, they never were there to begin with.  I only just recently
added, within the last month or so, a number of TwninHan cards to the
table on that page, as they were never there.

> It is still wise to make clear in the wiki that
> different versions exist, how they look like, and how to get them to
> work. 

Most definitely!  Albeit, it helps even further when the info is
submitted/placed in the appropriate place!

> So, in my opinion this site is now not complete anymore, because
> crucial information for these annoying cards seems to be lacking... 

Given the information that I've supplied above, do you still hold to
that statement/opinion?

In any regard, perhaps if more people participated in providing
information in the wiki, things would be in a much better state.  But
much to my disappointment, that isn't the case.  I've been working,
reworking, correcting, editing, adding, creating etc etc etc in the wiki
for close to a year now, and I'm still miles apart from where I'd like
it to be.  But during that time, I've noticed a few things:
- very few others are making any sort of contributions
- end users are constantly making complaints about the quality or
accuracy of the wiki articles ... yet they consistently fail to make an
effort to amend what errors they've found, or implement the improvements
they seek or would like to see in the wiki
- I grow tired of those situations.

> You mention that you fixed some problems

No, you've misinterpreted.  I simply outlined/eluded to the fact that
there is another "kernel hang" problem that is similar to the one
documented in the 1020A article.  It was Manu who described and/or knew
of the fix for this other problem.

> ... which problems? In which kernel version?   

It too is a "kernel hang" error that occurs on an early production run
of a batch 1020/1030 cards that were EEPROM-less.  The hack that
resolves the problem involves commenting out 6 lines in bt878.c.  IIRC,
bt878.c cannot be patched with this fix because the code that is removed
is necessary for other cards.  Hence, the commenting out of those lines
of code is really only a hack that is specific to those early, and rare,
EEPROM-less 1020/1030 cards.    Kernel version has no bearing on the matter.

> This is not listed in the wiki. ( what is minimal
> required to get things to work?   

As I mentioned in my last message: 

CityK wrote:
> I've been meaning to update the 1020 & 1030 wiki articles regarding this for a long time, but haven't yet got
> there -- perhaps soon,

Remy Bohmer wrote:
> On what kernel version is the wiki now based on? 

The wiki has never been based on any kernel version.  It would take an
army of volunteers to update each wiki article based upon each new
kernel version.  Hell, at this point, I'd settle for just 10 other
regular contributors to the wiki.

> What if I have an older distro that does not have the latest
> and greatest kernel, and I do not want to recompile the kernel?)  

Install the latest driver set from LinuxTV (make, sudo make install,
make unload, modprobe driver)....bing, bang, boom and you're  done.

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