[linux-dvb] MythTV and multiproto API works!

Mario Smit mario.smit at tiscali.nl
Mon Jan 7 21:32:20 CET 2008

To all,

We can already use VDR on our multiproto cards (thanks to Reinhard and

But, for everyone who likes to use MythTV I have good news! 

With the following patch you can watch TV using the multiproto API. I am
currently zapping around with my TT3200 and it works great. :)

I must admin that this patch is not what I call a real patch, it is more
a quick hack and it currently only supports DVB-S. I intend to support
DVB-S2 soon with a clean (configurable) approach within MythTV. Further,
the Channel Scanner (in mythtv-setup) once in the 3 times crashes on me
so you have to be persistent if you want to automatically scan the
channels. I am unsure if this is driver or a Myth problem.

For everybody who cannot wait, please use the supplied patch on one of
the latest SVN builds (revision 15220). I am very interested to have
your feedback/results.

Best regards,

Mario Smit
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