[linux-dvb] Frontend doesn't tune in on Pro7 channels when SatReceiver is active on Multiswitch

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Wed Jan 9 07:52:10 CET 2008

Oliver Bardenheier (obardenh) schrieb:
> I have a strange behaviour since a few days on my VDR
> I have a 9/8 Multiswitch with two VDRs and a Humax PR-1000HD connected.
> When I switch on the Humax I don't get the frontend synched on the VDR
> with a NOVA-S-Plus (mercurial tree)
> ProSieben;ProSiebenSat.1:12545:hC56:S19.2E:22000:511:512=deu;515=dd:33:0
> :17501:1:1107:0
> All other channels got synched, only Sat1, Pro7, Kabel, 9live, etc.
> don't get a lock.
> Any ideas if this could be a driver issue or where to look at ?


I don't know if they switched satelite channels during the past year. If 
not, the effect you are seeing could be caused by a wireless telephone 
(DECT) since I believe DECt frequencies are in the same range as the 
"downsampled" DVB-S signals in-house. But I think they wanted to switch 
at some point, so it might not apply to you. So my guess would be that 
there is a new telephone nearby (or badly isolated cables).



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