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I demand that Razza may or may not have written...

> Has anyone had any success with the Hauppague MyTV.t product? They are
> being sold for sub £20 in PCWorld in the UK, so thought i'd get one to see
> if it works, which it doesn't in my Fedora 8 setup. The only 'official'
> info I can find is :-
> http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/press/press_pictures_digital.html .

(You should fix your mail software or use standards-compliant software. Yours
is claiming that your message uses ISO8859-1, but some characters are used
which aren't valid ISO8859-1 and which show up as hollow boxes here. I've
replaced the invalid characters in this response.)

> Bus 005 Device 004: ID 2040:7080 Hauppauge

Ah, useful info... can you identify the chips used and whether it has an IR
receiver? (You'll need to open it, at least for the chipset info.)

Chances are, though, that it's driver-compatible with the various Nova-T
sticks, if that USB ID is anything to go by (it certainly fits the sequence
for them). So taking the Nova-T CE patch and modifying that to match your
device (just change the 0x7070 to 0x7080) should work; I've attached a
suitably-modified version for testing purposes. The patch assumes that an IR
receiver is present in the device.

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