[linux-dvb] MSI TV Anywhere A/D V1.1 Almost Works :(

Robin Rainton robin at rainton.com
Sun Jan 13 00:37:38 CET 2008

hermann pitton wrote:
> Maybe somebody from Sydney can help, don't know it offhand, but try to add a positive offset of 167000Hz to the initial scan file.
I know the frequencies in this file work, as for the other card I have 
they are fine. Or are you saying that the hardware won't be mapping 
frequencies it's given properly and therefore needs that offset adding?

Actually - I notice in the code that .info reads:

    .info = {
        .name = "Philips TDA10046H DVB-T",
        .type = FE_OFDM,
        .frequency_min = 51000000,
        .frequency_max = 858000000,
        .frequency_stepsize = 166667,
        .caps =
            FE_CAN_FEC_1_2 | FE_CAN_FEC_2_3 | FE_CAN_FEC_3_4 |
            FE_CAN_FEC_5_6 | FE_CAN_FEC_7_8 | FE_CAN_FEC_AUTO |
            FE_CAN_QPSK | FE_CAN_QAM_16 | FE_CAN_QAM_64 | FE_CAN_QAM_AUTO |

But as previously noted, the chip is a TDA10046A and on the box the 
specs say, "TV Tuner: Digital TV: 45MHz to 863MHz"

Do you think this could cause problems?

BTW, when I use the scan utility where my other card finds channels, 
this one reports 'filter timeout', like this:

 >>> tune to: 
WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0011
WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0000
WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0010

Which beats a plain, 'tuning failed!!!' I guess... are these clues helping?


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