[linux-dvb] HVR-4000

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Wed Jan 16 03:28:16 CET 2008

Ian Bonham wrote:
> Steve,
> Is there anything that can be done now to progress the dev of this 
> driver and the facilities of this card? I remember clearly the 
> disagreements that occured, and it was hugely depressing. What would be 
> needed now to encorage development?
> Ian
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>     Hans Werner wrote:
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>      >>> b)explain how and when all the pieces of DVB-S2-relevant code
>     will be
>      >> merged into the kernel and dvb-apps.
>      >>
>      >> ahh, I think nobody knows the answer on this question.
>      >>
>      >> Igor
>      >>
>      >>
>      >
>      > I have read the previous correspondence on this issue. There is
>     considerable working code so I would like to hear from the
>      > maintainer(s) where we go from here. It's 2008 already.
>     You might want to cc the maintainer if you expect a response. :)
>     The driver was written during 2006 and for various technical reasons
>     could not be fully merged into the kernel. This lead to a major
>     conflict
>     between kernel developers. As a result of a major disagreement I took
>     down my development trees and instructed Mauro not to merge my code with
>     my agreement.
>     A few trusted members of the community have taken the previously public
>     tree and patched it and made it available for download, which is well
>     within the license agreement.
>     The HVR4000 driver isn't going anywhere soon, it isn't going to be
>     official merged anytime soon. I made myself clear a few months ago
>     during the heated multiproto debate.
>     That's where we stand today.
>     - Steve


It's times like this when I find myself re-writing emails multiple 
times, trying to find the right words and facts to reflect the true 
situation, not an emotional response.

How do I start? Hmm, well....

I hear you.

Background: The HVR4000 patches are based on the Multiproto patches.

You should probably recognize that the situation has always been outside 
of my control. I've tried to urge multiproto forward many times and in 
the end, driven by pure frustration, both Manu and I argued publically, 
it got personal and everyone walked away badly burned.

No heroes. No villains. No right, no wrong.

It was obvious to me that I could not influence the situation. In 
response I took my development trees down and stated that I no longer 
supported multiproto.

What's my position now? I'll review the HVR4000 situation when Manu 
gives the S-O-B for his patches and they are merged by Mauro into master.

What should the community do? You could raise the subject with Manu.

No multiproto in the master = no HVR4000 S2 in the master.

- Steve

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