[linux-dvb] DVB scan fails with Nova-TD - please help?

Stephen G sgreszcz at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 11:33:16 CET 2008


Thanks for the suggestion that the signal was too strong.  I probably never would have guessed that and would have tried amplifying instead.

Yesterday made some tests with my old MythTV box and Avermedia771 PCI card and I managed to scan all the channels directly connected into the roof antenna feed.  This tells me that there is no problem with the connection.

Today in the mail arrived another passive splitter and some attenuators.  After connecting the passive splitter and a 12dB attenuator (the 6dB I also bought wasn't enough), I pick up all 88 of the services.

It is really strange how the Avermedia771 can handle the signal strength as well as the Nova-TD in Windows, but not in Linux?

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On Jan 15, 2008 2:33 PM, Stephen G <sgreszcz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Maybe this is my problem...
> I seem to be able to scan when using the mini-antennas but as soon as
 I plug my main antenna into the small side port, I can't get anything
 (well when the main roof antenna is in either the side or the end).
> What type of attenuation did the guy put on?

       The guy put an splitter/attenuator very similar to the one
Nicolas has sent:


       The main difference is that the one I have (the one that the
guy put) has a little screw that is used (turning it left or right) to
increase/decrease de attenuation level (we had to play twisting it a
lot, since the nova-t stick is very very very sensitive and, unless
you get the right signal strength and/or signal/noise ratio level, it
will fail miserabily on most channels depending on the frequency :-( )

       I don't know if that sensitivy is specific to hauppauge or the
modules inside (tuner, demodulator, etc.), since a few weeks ago I did
a quick test with an Avermedia dual tuner (using only one tuner) and
it was able to find and tune ok all channels :-/

       Good luck!

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