[linux-dvb] Multiproto ???

Stephen Rowles stephen at rowles.org.uk
Wed Jan 16 14:51:30 CET 2008

> A long time ago multiproto was said to be integrated in *near* future...
> to my great disapointment it still isn't, which is certainly not a good
> thing for the user at least...
> Could we hope to be *near* inclusion now ?
> In the meantime I am really thankfull to all who made multiproto
> available, and I hope the problems of the past could be forgiven.

I would like to add a note to this, for those that haven't heard the BBC
will be starting a new satellite service soon, spring 08 according to
their website http://www.freesat.co.uk/home.php.

This will be DVB-S2 transmissions including HD content, and will use the
Eurobird 1 satellite situated at 28.5° east (from what I can find on the

Once this service launches I imagine there will be lots of people (me
included!) who will want to upgrade their Linux based media centres and
therefore get HD content.

As I understand it the Multiproto stuff is a pre-req in a chain required
to get DVB-S2 working, so I expect that there will soon be a large number
of people from the UK wanting to have this working so they can upgrade
their media centres and get HD programs.

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