[linux-dvb] Multiproto ???

Stephen Rowles stephen at rowles.org.uk
Wed Jan 16 16:08:18 CET 2008

>> This will be DVB-S2 transmissions including HD content, and will use the
>> Eurobird 1 satellite situated at 28.5° east (from what I can find on the
>> web).
> You may be right about this but so far everything I've seen suggests
> that Freesat will be DVB-S.  I've not seen anything about DVB-S2.  Do
> you have a reference for this?

I cannot find the site I originally found, but it was a list of hardware
specs for various Freesat boxes, and they were all S2.

Looking around (digitalspy forums) it would appear that SD content is all
DVB-S, but when they start the HD transmissions that will be DVB-S2 (h.264
IIRC, but again I cannot find a good reference).

The old BBC site had more info, but now it is a flash marketing site :)

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