[linux-dvb] HVR-4000

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Wed Jan 16 17:25:29 CET 2008

Jean Paul Gatt wrote:
> In the meantime ...
> While the whole kernel debate goes on ...can the wiki be updated...

Of course - it is a wiki after all!

> ...with a semi-standard procedure to follow ?
> Something on the lines ... you need this basic code <LINK> .. and 
> patch it with this diff file <LINK>.
> Nothing too complex! I'm just like Ian. Been following development on 
> this card for almost a year now, and I click on every HVR4000 related 
> mail hoping to see ISSUES RESOLVED, especially since the card should 
> now practically work!
> Having said that .... BIG Thanks for all the hard work all developers 
> put into it!

An excellent suggestion. 

In order to help facilitate that goal, I have applied the standardized 
framework (that is now being applied to all device articles)  to the 
HVR-4000 article 

I now hope that some end users, from what has appeared to be a decently 
large pool of people who have been following this development process 
all along, can translate the relevant knowledge and general info about 
the device into that article (I have filled it with prompts outlining 
the areas where to place specific topical aspects).  I have to state 
that, with so many discussions on this device having occurred over the 
longest while, its a little discouraging that the wiki's HVR-4000 
article has remained so uninformative and in a state of disarray.   
Though, the same observation can be extended to many other areas of the 
wiki too.

In any regard, the ability to update the wiki article has been present 
all along, its just a case that that advantage hasn't been utilised.  
Hopefully this push will bring about some change.

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