[linux-dvb] DViCO FusionHDTV5 Express and cx23885 support

Andrew Casper andrew at andrewcasper.com
Thu Jan 17 02:37:45 CET 2008

On Jan 16, 2008, at 8:05 PM, Michael Krufky wrote:

> Andrew Casper wrote:
>> (please excuse the me if this has already been asked and answer, but
>> I'm new to the list and I did not find an answer in the message
>> archives)
>> I just got a new DViCO FusionHDTV5 Express - primarily based on
>> reading that it was supported on the wiki. I have downloaded the
>> latest tree. But when I compile the source, it doesn't make the  
>> kernel
>> modules for cx23885 (which is the module I believe I need). What am I
>> missing here?
>> I'm using Fedora 8 (kernel
> Did you update from an older tree or pull down a fresh clone?
> It JustWorks (tm) -- if not, maybe some dependency is screwing you  
> up......
> from the v4l-dvb tree, what does the following show you:
> grep 23885 v4l/.*config (no, this is NOT a typo)
> If VIDEO_CX23885 isnt selected, then go select it in menuconfig.
> You'll find it under the video section, as CX23885 - cx2388x  
> successor.
> HTH,
> Mike

Thanks for the speedy reply, Mike.

ergh - VIDEO_CX23885 seems to be selected for build:

# grep 23885 v4l/.*config
v4l/.myconfig:CONFIG_VIDEO_CX23885                         := m

I'm building from the public cvs that I pulled last night (and check  
for an update today). I had the same problem with a tarball I also  

So how do I determine what dependancy is killing me? This is a pretty  
new build (just installed on Fedora 8 on Saturday) so there isn't too  
much creft.

Thanks again.

- Andrew

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