[linux-dvb] Multiproto ???

Daniel Kleine-Albers dka at dka-edv.net
Thu Jan 17 09:00:30 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm using multiproto as well with MythTV and a Pinnacle PCTV USB 452e.  
While the driver doesn't support DVB-S2 yet, multiproto itself seems  
to work fine with (a preliminarily patched) myth.

There are already some patches for MythTV/multiproto waiting for  
inclusion / submission once multiproto is on its way. Thanks everyone  
for the great work!


On 16.01.2008, at 20:37, Mario Smit wrote:

> To all,
> I am using multiproto with my TT3200 for a time now with VDR and  
> MythTV
> with great success.
>> From my standpoint the driver has successfully been used by end-user
> applications and is stable.
> So, to include it in the main-tree looks fair to me.
> Rgrds,
> Mario
> On Wed, 2008-01-16 at 13:53 +0100, Gregoire Favre wrote:
>> Hello,
>> once upon a time, in a far far far away... OK sorry ;-)
>> A long time ago multiproto was said to be integrated in *near*  
>> future...
>> to my great disapointment it still isn't, which is certainly not a  
>> good
>> thing for the user at least...
>> Could we hope to be *near* inclusion now ?
>> In the meantime I am really thankfull to all who made multiproto
>> available, and I hope the problems of the past could be forgiven.
>> Thanks.
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