[linux-dvb] HVR-1800 checkin

mkrufky at linuxtv.org mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Jan 17 22:34:31 CET 2008

Barry Quiel wrote:
> Michael Krufky wrote:
>> On Jan 14, 2008 8:40 PM, Barry Quiel <quielb at ecst.csuchico.edu> wrote:
>>> It looks like there was a checkin a few days ago that added some 
>>> support
>>> for the HVR-1800 NTSC tuner.  Excuse the stupid question but what is
>>> basic preview NTSC support?
>> by "basic preview NTSC support", we mean, "standard raw framegrabber"
>> support -- as opposed to mpeg encoder support, which will be added
>> soon.
>> You can try out the mpeg encoder support by using the tree:
>> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~stoth/cx23885-video/
>> ...but I warn you -- this is a development repository that hasnt yet
>> been merged into the master repository.....  If you hit any bugs,
>> please report them.  The repository will most probably be deleted when
>> it gets merged into master.
>> Good Luck,
>> Mike Krufky
> I'd like to help test the analog portion of this card, but I have one 
> concern.  Are the code changes from the current trunk merged into this 
> branch?  I really don't want to lose the ATSC functionality.  I'm not 
> asking for a guarantee but a "I'm pretty sure ATSC should be 
> unaffected" will do.

#1 Please don't top quote.

#2 Please don't drop cc's to a mailing list if that is where the mail 
originated, unless you have a question that is private in nature -- if 
you're asking a question that somebody else might also want the answer 
to, then you are dooming me to write more emails than are necessary...

(cc added back to linux-dvb)

Anyway, regardless of what code you're testing, so long as you keep the 
tree that worked for you last time somewhere on the side, you can always 
revert back to that tree.

Analog video support added for the HVR1800 does _NOT_ break Digital 
video support.  You can use digital and analog simultaneously.

Be advised, however, that the cx23885 driver currently does not support 
DMA audio for analog preview, but audio does work for mpeg encoder mode.

However, don't use the master branch today -- the build system is broken 
right now.  Instead, use:


Please send future correspondence to the mailing list.  you may feel 
free to cc me, but remember the mailing list is most important.



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