[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 800i

Timothy E. Krantz tkrantz at stahurabrenner.com
Sat Jan 19 15:07:37 CET 2008

Using the latest patches from here I am able to get my pinnacle 800i card
working with mythtv.
If I define it to Mythtv as a DVB card,using /dev/dvb/adapter0, I can get my
cable providers enuncrypted digital stations.
If I define it using /dev/video0 I can get analog stations.
I see references to using PCHDTV-3000 or 5500 cards in Mythtv that say when
defining as a DVB card there is a gui button called "analog options".  I am
not getting this button with the 800i driver that I am using.  I suspect
this to be a driver issue.
Can anyone give me a clue?
Thanks in advance....
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