[linux-dvb] Update to au-Melbourne scan list

Bruce Schultz bruce.schultz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 14:57:31 CET 2008

On 20/01/08 20:47, Peter D. wrote:
> On Sunday 20 January 2008, Jeff Bailes wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 	Back in November, channel Seven changed their fec_hi from 2/3 to 3/4
>> causing scans to not pick it up
>> ( http://www.dba.org.au/index.asp?sectionID=39&newsID=982&display=news ).
>> The new entry in the au-Melbourne file for channel seven should be:
>> # Seven
>> T 177500000 7MHz 3/4 NONE QAM64 8k 1/16 NONE
>> I attached the complete updated file anyway.
>> 	Jeff
> They are a pain.  
> Anyway, according to the web site that you quoted, all tuners that comply 
> with Australian standards will cope without adjustment.  Unfortunately 
> not all tuners comply with Australian standards.  :-( 
> Presumably all au-tuning_files should have their channel 7 entry updated.  
> Can this be done at the data base end, or do all files have to be 
> re-submitted?  Also the GI in Brisbane is noted as changing as well.  
I can confirm that the au-Brisbane scan file needs to change. It works now for
me with the same channel 7 line that Jeff included above. Scan wasn't finding
channel 7 without the change.

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