[linux-dvb] DiBcom 3000MC/P LITEON lossing it's id.

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Sun Jan 20 17:47:15 CET 2008


I got a LITE-ON USB2.0 DVB-T Tune that loose it's cold state vid/pid and 
got  FX2 dev kit one (0x04b4,        0x8613).

I suppose the cypress chip doesn't manage to read the pid from i2c 
eeprom and give the default id.

I patch the driver to replace USB_VID_LITEON, 
USB_PID_LITEON_DVB_T_COLD by 0x04b4,        0x8613.

And now my device work like before. That a bit strange because this mean 
the uploaded firmware manage to read the i2c from eeprom (it does 

I wonder if a module option can be added for such case ?


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