[linux-dvb] atsc closed captions

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Sun Jan 20 23:25:16 CET 2008

Jonathan Isom wrote:
> Thanks
>     The only program data is a patch by Scott Larson from 2005 for mplayer.
> Other than that the wikipedia links may be useful for implementing it in other
> programs.  I think it would be nice to write a library that every one could use
> but it wouldn't be to complicated to adapt the code once completed to other
> programs.  That said if a channel isn't already broadcasting 708 in the us they
> probably will within about a year or so.  I guess I may bug someone else about
> this as I don't think the driver level is the best place for the
> aforementioned code.
> I was just hoping someone hear may have knew something as this is somewhat
> dvb related. though not driver layer.

Provided that the drivers are currently capable of serving up the data, 
then yes, this really isn't the place to pester/bug. However, your idea 
of a library for which all viewing apps could make use of is 
interesting.  This might even be suitable for a GSoC project, but then 
again I'm uncertain whether this would actually be something that would 
take up most of a summer to implement.  Others on the list most 
certainly would have some more concrete thoughts on this suggestion.

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