[linux-dvb] AVermedia M791 Combo OEM TV Card

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Mon Jan 21 00:24:15 CET 2008

ewomer at charter.net wrote:
>     XCeive XC3028 (tuner) analog 
>     MicroTune MT2131 (tuner) digital 
>     LG LGDT3303 (8VSB/QAM demodulator) 
>     Conexant CX23887-14z (A/V Decoder & PCIe bridge) 
>     Conexant CX23417-11z (MPEG-2 A/V Encoder) 
>     ESMT M12L04322A-AZG1P633X (SDRAM used by encoder) 
> also have inf if any one is intrested 

I see from the inf that AVer actually have two M791 cards - one with 
MPEG-2 encoder (your model) and one without

Anyway, getting your card to work is going to involve stringing together 
the above combination of ICs together (all of which are supported, to 
one degree or another)  in the existing drivers:
- the MT2131 appears on a number of the new Hauppauge cards (hvr-1800, 
1600, 1250,..)
- the CX23887 & CX23417 combination on the Hauppauge hvr-1800
- the LGDT3303 on a number of devices (in particular interest should be 
the F5 Express, because of its LGDT3303 & CX23885 .. though note that 
its a '885, as opposed to being the '887)
- XC3028 appears in a number of devices, an analogue support for it 
should work (provided firmware is provided ... maybe found in the *.sys 
file or perhaps the merlin.rom file, though I think the merlin rom is 
related to the '417 iirc)

You might also want to identify:
- From the photo you uploaded to the wiki, it appears that the card also 
has two audio ADCs for the external A/V inputs ... (you can find them on 
the top right area of the face of the PCB ... long, rectangular ICs near 
the white A/V expansion connectors
- the 8pin EEPROM IC (bottom right on face of the PCB)...likely an 
Atmel, and likely not really a worry (should "just work"), but nice to know

I rolled back you edit from yesterday (re: cx23888 ... despite what the 
inf states, it is readily apparent that its the cx23887 that is being 
employed on the card)

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