[linux-dvb] AVermedia M791 Combo OEM TV Card

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Mon Jan 21 07:04:49 CET 2008

Eric wrote:
> thanx for clarifiying that issue. why it would mention the cx23888 is
> beyound me. 

the cx2388[5-8] are of the same family, so perhaps they've just decided 
to use cx23888 for their notation.  Although imprecise, it is their 
option ... not really a big deal though ... nor different from all the 
other mistakes found in inf files from various vendors

> On line 60 it mentions 
> "" XC3028+23417, MT2131+LG3303 "" 
> at the end of the line but i have no idea what it means the cx23417 is
> an encoder and the lg3303 is a vsb/qam reciever.

its just their notation for the signal flow for analog and digital 
functions respectively.  Note that line 60 begins with mention of the 
the A/V decoder, so they've just truncated the actual pathway.

The real signal path for analog would be:
xc3028 (tuning and IF demodulation) -> '887 ( A/V decoding) -> '417 
(MPEG-2 encoding of A/V) -> '887 (bridge to PCIe)
or if you want to run it in raw mode (i.e. circumvent the encoder):
xc3028 (tuning and IF demodulation) -> '887 ( A/V decoding & bridge to PCIe)

For digital:

MT2131 (tuning) -> lg3303 (IF demodulation, outputs Transport Stream) ->  '887 (bridge to PCIe)

> ---------------------------------------------
> The merlinC.rom has some thing to do with the audio as mentioned in the
> inf file line numbers 648 and 649
> ""; Merlin Rev. C audio firmware ""
> ""merlinC.rom ""

ahh, looks like the MerlinC.rom will be the firmware for the XC3028 that 
provides analog functionality
> I thought maybe the cx416enc.rom was the firmware but i might be wrong.

The cx416enc.rom is the firmware for the encoder '417 encoder ... I don't think there is much or any change in the encoder between the '416 and '417, hence the firmware name

> How do you remove firmware from a *.sys file. 

There is no real easy answer.  It is, however, somewhat of a FAQ (I 
think you're the 3rd or 4th person to ask in this past month 
alone)....and consequently why the following article has been commenced: 

For examples with the XC3028, see this thread for some info:

> what should its name be so
> the drivers can find it. i know i goes in the /lib/firmware directory

What the name should be will depend upon how its coded as in the 
drivers.  Besides for the xc3028, this also holds true for the '417 
firmware too.  Check the source for hvr-1800 card to see what the name 
for the '417's firmware should be (look in an stoth repo, the name of 
which should likely be self explanatory)

> Also if i load the driver with the option card=4 
> $ sudo modprobe -v cx23885 card=4
> i get 
> ...[snip]...
> and soforth for the rest of them.

Things won't work that way -- you have to make the changes in the 
drivers --- tie all the pieces together ... and even after doing that, 
you make need to do some fiddling to get everything working properly, as 
the way things are implemented on your card might not be exactly as they 
have been done so on other cards using the same chips

> would the firmware for the ""card=4 -> DViCO FusionHDTV5 Express"" work
> and which firmware would it be.

No.  First, the F5 Express doesn't use any firmware. Second, as just 
mentioned, its a case of being a little more involved then just putting 
a firmware in place.....consider it like this:  you've assembled before 
yourself a steering wheel, 4 tires, an engine and etc etc etc .  Do you 
have a car? No.  You have all the pieces for a car, but you're still 
going to have to put them all together before you have a working car.

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