[linux-dvb] winfast dtv dongle (dib0700) support

ptay1685 ptay1685 at Bigpond.net.au
Tue Jan 22 02:16:54 CET 2008

The  dvb wiki page about dvb-t usb devices is a bit unclear about support for the Leadtek Winfast DTV dongle. The dib0700 section header states that Linux will support dib0700 devices "very soon" whearas the entry for the Leadtek DTV dongle states that there are two versions of the dongle (dib3000 and dib0700) but that both are supportED under Linux.

I have tried both Suse 10.3 (kernel 2.6.22) and Fedora 8 (kernel 2.6.23) and neither pick up the device (no dvb-usb message) although a usb message is issued to show the device is connected. This seems to suggest that the "very soon" comment in the wiki is correct. By the way, the device works fine on the exact same machine under Windows, so there are no hardware issues as such.

Can anyone give me any idea when support might be complete for this device? Or if support is there in the kernel, why I might be having trouble getting the device to be recognised?

P.S. I have a Nebula Digitv usb tuner also connected and it is detected and usable under all current Linux distros.

Many thanks,

Phil T.
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