[linux-dvb] Software support for the "Technotrend TT-Budget S-1500"

P. van Gaans w3ird_n3rd at gmx.net
Tue Jan 22 16:01:32 CET 2008

On 01/22/2008 12:12 AM, Michael Finch wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have noticed that there is significant support for the "Technotrend TT-budget S1500" PCI card, which I am excited to see. 
> I have also noticed that there is very little support for the "Technotrend TT-budget S1401" card. 
> I am curious if the reason for the lack of support for the S-1401 card is simply because nobody has gotten around to developing LINUX support for it or if there is a good reason to go with the S-1500 card instead. I have a client with a new project that requires using one of these cards (or something similar). Is the S-1500 a better choice?Thanks,Mike Finch
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I have the S-1500 and it works perfect right out of the box. Supported 
since.. quite a while I believe.

The difference between the two is the CI-connector for the optional 
budget-ci on the S-1500. I wanted to use a CAM so I got the S-1500 with 
budget-ci and extension cable. If you don't need a CI/CAM, you'll save 
some money by going for the S-1401.

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