[linux-dvb] compiled drivers break some others - is this common for all driver-projects in linuxtv.org

Wolfgang Friedl wolfgang.friedl at shlink.ch
Tue Jan 22 16:09:15 CET 2008


Maybe this is a strange question:
I have a Pinnacle PCTV-Stick (em2880);
its drivers (em2880 project at linuxtv.org) "breaks" (and
therefore disables loading) other drivers like gspca/pwc and other
webcam drivers.

As far as I investigated, this is a common problem for this driver.

As I saw e.g. for the af9015 driver the installation (compilation) seems 
quite similar:

So: are _all_ drivers from the projects (for different chipsets) of 
linuxtv.org supposed to be
modify the v4l API * so severely (or is this a speciality of the em2880 
driver? )

kind regards,


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    #   #Friedl

* sorry, I am not a programmer, but I think that this is the topic.

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