[linux-dvb] Testing HVR1800

Barry Quiel quielb at ecst.csuchico.edu
Tue Jan 22 18:38:31 CET 2008

Barry Quiel wrote:
> Steven Toth wrote:
>> Barry Quiel wrote:
>>> I'm testing the HVR1800 driver (analog portion) out of 
>>> hg/~stoth/cx23885-video and am getting the following error in the 
>>> message log:
>>> kernel: cx25840' 4-0044: unable to open firmware v4l-cx23885-avcore-01.fw
>>> Which makes sense because I can't find that file anywhere on my 
>>> system.   It also isn't included in truck or ~stoth/cx23885-video 
>>> repositories.
>> http://steventoth.net/linux/hvr1800/
>> - Steve
> So I've been trying to test the analog part of this card and its not 
> going well.  That's not to say that the driver doesn't work, I'm sure 
> its something I trying to do.  The DVB portion is working fine.  I'm 
> trying to test using MythTV.
> First off the driver is creating 2 video devices in /dev.  I'm guessing 
> that one of them is the analog card with MPEG2 encoder support and the 
> other is just a the frame grabber.  When I select /dev/video1 ( I used 
> ivtv_first_minor to move off the PVR500 /dev links ) in the MythTV setup 
> it recognizes the card ( probes correctly ) and shows me what my inputs 
> are to select from.  I chose Television ( vs s-video etc ).  When I 
> attempt to watch LiveTV it just never starts.  Actually it does start, 
> and then exits back to the menu.  The frontend doesn't see a recording 
> file being generated.
> I can cat /dev/video1 to a file and get audio and video.  But the video 
> is super dark.  I can barely make out any shapes.  But the audio is fine.

So I spoke a bit too soon. For whatever reason it started working in 
Myth, although I still can't get a good cat /dev/video1.  BUt I can't 
change the channel.  When I try and change the channel Mythfrontend 
reports an error and the exits back to the menu.  When I go back into 
livetv it is on the same original channel and there is no audio.  If I 
exit out and go back in I get audio back, but still can;t change the 

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