[linux-dvb] How can I ever succeed using DVB-T on Gentoo Linux?

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Jan 22 22:10:38 CET 2008

En/na Jesper Taxbøl ha escrit:

> A AGK stick (USB ID: 15a4:9020), that is recognized as an af9005
> device, but it cant scan any services.

Yes, this is a known problem, and unfortunately I don't have a solution 
(besides, I don't have a working af9005 anymore).
However, if you manage to get a ready made channels.conf[*] it should 
work, albeit switching channel is slow (I suspect this is the reason 
that scanning fails)

[*]When my stick worked, I used vdr with an incomplete channels.conf and 
it managed to find the remaining channels.


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