[linux-dvb] speaking about JTVOS and linux-dvb at Sun Developer Days

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Wed Jan 23 16:37:48 CET 2008


Recently, the company where i work, Cineca, has been working [*] on a
free middleware for linux based set top box called JTVOS:


JTVOS actually runs on STB with IBM PowerPC SOC Vulcan/Pallas (as in
dreambox, dgstation and clones) and is based on (older) linux-dvb API.

My colleague Lorenzo Pallara is going to speak about JTVOS, java and
linux-dvb (pro and cons) tomorrow afternoon on January 24th, 2008,
between 14-15 PM (California timezone! :-)

  TS-14: JTVOS, a Free Interactive Set Top Box Middleware
         Introduction and Architecture


You can see the live presentation on ustream.tv:


Thank you for the attention


Andrea Venturi

[*] Cineca has been developing since many years open source technologies
for interactive digital television (like justdvb-it):


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