[linux-dvb] Nova-T patches

Jonas Anden jonas at anden.nu
Wed Jan 23 23:21:48 CET 2008

Regarding a verdict on the Nova-T patches referenced on the wiki, I too
would like to give my thumbs up and a vote for committing them into the
main HG tree.

I upgraded the drivers yesterday and I haven't seen any disturbances
yet. No more offset errors in MPEG/EIT data, no disconnects (haven't
really seen any of those in a long time though), no read/write failures
on the mt2060's. These usually start showing up a couple of hours after
reboot, but now the system's been rock solid for more than 24 hours. I
can't say anything about the tuning speed (mythtv does that when
recording and I generally don't watch live TV).

My system has one Nova-T 500 and one Nova-T Stick, both have seen
significant signal improvements (~70% -> ~90% signal quality). This is
probably due to using Oliver Danets patch -- I haven't tried that one

I haven't really put a huge load on the tuners, though. Mythtv is
constantly scanning for EIT data (and thereby retuning every ten minutes
or so), but that is about it. I have configured myth to use both tuners
of the Nova-T 500 only in extreme cases by defining my first DVB device
in myth as adapter0, second is adapter2, and third is adapter1 -- that
means it will first use one device, then the other, and only if three
tuners are needed will both Nova-T 500 tuners be used. In reality, that
never happens. And the likelyhood is about to drop even further now that
mythtv will come with the ability to pull multiple channels from the
same mux using one tuner.

And oh, I've disabled the RC support in the modules. I've gotten the M$
mce remote (I can say a lot about Redmond's software, but they make some
pretty decent hardware) so using the somewhat odd interaction using the
event interface is pretty much out of the question. lircd+mce works like
a charm. So there's no RC polling to the DVB modules in my system since
about two months back.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge THANK YOU to all involved in this

  // J

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