[linux-dvb] Fix for dvb-apps/util/scan/scan.c for tvhome dvb-c cable network in Netherlands

klaas de waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 22:44:21 CET 2008

The scan utility of dvb-apps cannot  do a full service scan of the tvhome
dvb-c cable network in The Netherlands; it can only do a single frequency.

For different regions in The Netherlands different frequencies are used.
However, the signal is everywhere exactly the same (except for the
frequency). The scan utility, and other applications such as MythTV, think
that the network ID is 1000.
There are a number of different network information tables (NITs)
transmitted with different network ID's. For example, in my region the
network ID is 1111.
There is no way you can find out the actual network ID automatically. This
is also true for the commercial DVB-C set-top-boxes; when you take a
subscription for the digital TV service you get also information on how to
configure your set-top-box. This information includes the network ID and the
initial frequency.

I have added a command line option -N to specify a network ID.
I can now do a full service scan with the following command:

$ scan -t 1 -n -N 1111 tvhome356.conf

The initial configuration file tvhome356.conf contains:
C 356000000 6875000 NONE QAM64

The patch file for dvb-apps/util/scan/scan.c is attached (based on the "hg"
version of 15 january 2008). Hope it is useful!

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