[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 800i driver problems

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> Ok, I did not know about the xc5000 tuner, so, no, it was not in
> I went over the to the link and downloaded the extract script, and I 
> looked at the read me txt, but I have no idea what I am suppose to do
> from here.  When I run the extract script, I get dvb-fe-xc5000-1.1.fw
> I suppose to do anything with this?  Do I need to put this in the 
> v4l-dvb folder?
> Again, sorry for asking what seems like the obvious, but I am still
> to the linux side of the house.
> Thanks again,
> Ed

Did you _really_ read the output from the extract script, which says 
something like...

"Now copy this file into your firmware folder.
EG. sudo cp firmware.fw /lib/firmware/`uname -r/'"

Are you _SURE_ you read the output from the extract script?

There was no "output" from the script.  I ran the script, a white screen popped up for less than a second, and then it went back to my desktop.  I think that is where my confusion is coming in at.

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