[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 800i driver problems

Muppet Man muppetman4662 at yahoo.com
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Previously, Muppet Man <muppetman4662 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Hmm...I thought that's what I did?  I guess I don't know how to
>"run it from a shell".  All the shell scripts I have ran was via
>giving permissions to allow exicuting as a file.

"run it from a shell" means you need to open a terminal and cd into
the directory that contains the script and type in the file name of
the script to run it (of course, make sure it is set to be executable
first). You may need to put "./" before the file name, for example,
you may need to type in "./extract.sh" to run the extracting script.

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>  On Jan 23, 2008 11:11 PM, superhappyfunball
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> wrote:
> >
> > I have since gotten it running. Seems I was missing the XC firmware
> Glad to hear that. I guess it should have been mentioned earlier that
> the firmware is needed. In any event, I have updated the wiki page at
> linuxtv.org with the relevant firmware downloading instruction so we
> can point anyone else to a page that explains all the necessary
> to get the 800i working.
> > the tuner. I grabbed, extracted and reloaded the modules, and all
> > well. Except for one thing:
> >
> > No sound. Now, it could just be ALSA issues. I know running
> > soundcards can be an issue. Ideas?
> I assume you mean analog tv or analog input. The audio is via the
> cx88-alsa module, which is working fine for me last time I tested.
> need to grab the sound from the appropriate /dev/dsp? device. Do a
> "cat /proc/asound/cards" and it will tell you what number(the "?") to
> use for your cx88-alsa device. Note that you might run into issues if
> your cx88-alsa grabs the index 0 for your sound cards. In that case,
> use module options to force the cx88-alsa to index 1 or 2 as needed.
> Index 0 should be reserved for your main sound card so your normal
> software can use /dev/dsp (which they always default to).
> --
> Chaogui Zhang
> Ok, I know I am really close now, but I am still having trouble.
> Here's what I did, and what I am getting.  I extracted the xc5000
> moved it over to /lib/firmware, then I downloaded the lastest
 v4l-dvb, sudo
> make, sudo make install, and rebooted.  My system came right back
 online.  I
> have sound and a network connection.  I went to mythtv back end, and
 my card
> was already selected, but when I go to scan channels, I get an error.

For people to be able to help you most effectively, next time when
something goes wrong or errors happen, be sure to include *details* of
the errors, such as exactly what happened and what was the error
message etc. If you don't provide such details, we would have to ask
you to try to reproduce the error and report back, which obviously
delays the process.

Also, when it is related to kernel drivers, it is almost always a good
idea to run "dmesg" and look at what relevant error or warning
messages might be in there. If so, post that when you ask for help on
the list.

So, I am really not sure what might have gone wrong at this point.
Please post more details of the errors that you are seeing (for each
tests you performed). Also, post the full dmesg output. I suggest you
paste the dmesg output to pastebin.com and just send the link
generated by pastebin.com to the list, because the dmesg output tend
to be very long and I really want to see the FULL dmesg output (after
the errors have occurred. Don't do dmesg before the errors, since that
won't tell us anything about the error.)

> started tvtime, went to scan for channels, nothing.  I started
 kaffeine, and
> again, my card was there, but I cannot scan for channels.  I know I
 am so
> close, but I don't know what to do from here.
> On the plus side though, I am truly thankful for all the assistance
> Chaogui and Steve.
> Thanks again.

You are welcome.

Ok, here's my results from 'cat/proc/sound/card'

ed at ed-desktop:~$ cat /proc/asound/cards
 0 [Live           ]: EMU10K1 - SBLive! Value [SB0101]
                      SBLive! Value [SB0101] (rev.7, serial:0x80691102) at 0xb000, irq 20
 1 [CX8801         ]: CX88x - Conexant CX8801
                      Conexant CX8801 at 0xe7000000
 2 [V8237          ]: VIA8237 - VIA 8237
                      VIA 8237 with ALC655 at 0xe800, irq 21

Here is the link from pastebin.
This link is for testing with tvtime.  The error i got was no signal.
Thanks again,

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