[linux-dvb] RTL2831U kernel driver

tiwag tiwag.cb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 08:14:29 CET 2008

2008/1/26, bWare <bWare at iware.co.uk>:
> Hi Jan,
> I am afraid I didn't do any integration work. The tarball previous
> posted (23/01/08) to the linux-dvb list is pretty much ready to go
> (documentation included). It just doesn't work for me, in fact no one
> has actually said it works at all. I am also not a dev, so presumably I
> can't checkin.
> Note, I have now checked 2.6.24, however it is the same story, builds,
> modprobes, creates dev entries, and promising dmesg, but no tuning.
> Barnaby
yes in general it works, read there


the problem is, that we could only get it to work with building a custom
i tried to build the drivers with v4l-dvb without luck (getting errors about
already implemented functions)
i don't like the custom kernel approach, i need either v4l-dvb integration
or some way how i can
build and integrate the kernel-modules to an already existing kernel.


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