[linux-dvb] [PATCH] HVR4000(lite) support for multiproto

Holger Steinhaus hsteinhaus at gmx.de
Sun Jan 27 10:02:59 CET 2008

Hi DVB fans,

> In case needed, I attach what I think is a complete diff...
Yesterday I did some research about the diffent versions of the HVR4000 
drivers and patches posted during the last months. The result was a new 
version of cx24116, which is unter test in these minutes. 

The version attached by Gregoire yesterday looks very similar to one I posted 
at Dec 15 , at least she includes an ugly hack introduced by me ;-) . 
Allthough proven stable in daily use for more than a month, I think, this 
hack (search for get_tune_settings in cx24116.c) violates the multiproto API 
a little bit by implementing S2 into a driver following the "legacy" 
interface. My last version tries to eliminate this weakness as far as 
compatibility allows. If the testing does not reveal major problems, I'll 
post the refactured driver in some hours.

> the HVR-4000 patch seems now to be mature, is there anything more we
> could do in order to have it included in the multiproto ?
I'm running this driver on my sole TV platform in daily use and did not 
encounter any problems caused by the driver so far. With the limitations 
shown above, I fully comply whith this statement. I also heard from about a 
dozen of people successfully using it.

I think, including the driver into the multiproto tree would not only ease up 
the live of the HVR4000 users, but would also increase the acceptance and 
perception of the multiproto API and DVB-S2 on Linux itself.


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