[linux-dvb] XC3028 in HVR-950 but no DVB-T?

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Sun Jan 27 15:17:11 CET 2008

optix optix wrote:
>  I'm haveing a hard time choosing a TV solution for my laptop. It
> supports USB 2.0 and has an Expresscard slot. I run Ubuntu feisty and
> quite willing to play around a bit to get things to work. But i'm not
> really up for writing my own drivers or anything too hardcore like that.
> I've been looking for a global analog and global HDTV hybrid tuners. that
> is it should support NTSC, PAL, DVD-T, ATSC and if possible FM, DVB-C and
> QAM. I noticed Xceive's XC3028(L) does pretty much all of this and more.
> From what i can tell it's in various tuners i could use. for example the
> HVR-950. however officially (according the hauppage site) this tuner
> doesn't support DVB-T for example. is that true? i mean if i were to
> setup the right drivers in linux can i watch DVB-T when in europe or is
> there really some extra hardware missing?
> more generally what suggestions do people have as to which tuner i should
> get which fit's the requirments i mentioned above?

The demodulator inside of the HVr950 device that you're talking about is the LG DT3303 -- it does not demodulate DVB-T, and is meant for use with North American ATSC/QAM.

There are the HVR900 sticks that use a zl10353 (or other demods for different models) -- this rev is targeted at DVB-T, and does not work with ATSC.

There aren't many devices out there yet that can demodulate digital television signals from all around the world -- you need to get one specific to your locale.  Analog television is different, however.  Something like the HVR950 *can* receive analog broadcasts in almost any analog video standard.

I hope this helps,


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