[linux-dvb] RTL2831U kernel driver

bWare bWare at iWare.co.uk
Sun Jan 27 18:37:47 CET 2008

Hi tiwag,

The only thing stopping it building in v4l-dvb is the conflicting 
filename tuner.o. Renaming the version form the driver lets it build ok. 
Below is a patch for the complete RTL2831U driver against the current hg 
version of v4l-dvb.


Note, I don't think this conforms to the v4l-dvb quality standards. It 
doesn't seem to have the same separation of the frontend the other 
drivers offer.  And it doesn't work any better then the kernel build.

Not to be pedantic but it would be very helpful to know if you have 
successfully tuned. No one on the forum explicitly says they have got 
any further then me. I can auto-scan in Kaffeine, which turns on the 
light, it just doesn't find anything, even with a strong signal.


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