[linux-dvb] "Invalid section length or timeout" using Kaffeine and Twinhan 102g (aka VP-1022 Rev 2.0?)

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Wed Jan 30 12:12:08 CET 2008

Le mercredi 30 janvier 2008 09:08, Corey Ashford a écrit :

> So I downloaded Kaffeine 0.8.6 source and built it, making the change
> you suggested.  That does work!  Although I'm still not able to get any
> channels on the 12180 V 30000 transponder on AMC3-87W.  This appears to
> be because that multiplex doesn't have a Service Description Table.
> Kaffeine apparently doesn't have any code to synthesize names when it
> doesn't find one of these.  That would be a nice feature to add.
> I was able to get channel "names" on another transponder 11716 H 4859.
> The names are coming out like "TSID:3-SID:1".

This is a "synthesized" name, this means there is a channel on Transport 
Stream ID=3 with Service ID=1 found in Program Association Table but no names 
given in Service Description Table or SDT not present at all.

As far as i understand, none of the mplex on AMC3 carries SDT.

> So I'm not sure what to do about not getting channel names on some of
> these multiplexes.  Perhaps I just got lucky and picked one of the rare
> multiplexes with no SDT.  Or maybe this is fairly common and I will run
> into it often.
> Incidentally, it appears that kaffeine looks for a NIT section too
> (0x10), and complains if it's not there.

It doesn't complain, but just let you know :)

> Thanks for your help.  Let me know if you make some changes to
> synthesize channel names for this sort of multiplex.  I'd be happy to
> test out the changes :)

Christophe Thommeret

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