[linux-dvb] Fixes for TwinHan VP2031A DVB-C card in linux-

klaas de waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 20:17:16 CET 2008

Hi all,

I have got my TwinHan VP2031A DVB-C card working with Linux version and MythTV.
For this I needed three changes to dst.c and these changes are attached here
in a single patch file.
Maybe they are useful for others (or even they may end up in the official
Fixes 1 and 2 are largely based on patches I once received from Manu Abraham
for an older version of the Linux kernel.

====== Fix #1 ======
Around line 849 change the type_flags to this:
.type_flags = DST_TYPE_HAS_FW_2 | DST_TYPE_HAS_VLF,

The original code has also the following flags:
It strikes me as odd that the original code states that the card has both
FW_1 and FW_2.
Two versions of firmware in one card?

====== Fix #2 ======
Around line 1360 in function dst_get_tuna,  remove the following test:
 !(state->dst_type == DST_TYPE_IS_CABLE)

====== Fix #3 ======
Around line 1828
.caps = FE_CAN_FEC_AUTO | FE_CAN_QAM_16 | FE_CAN_QAM_32 | FE_CAN_QAM_64 |
128 | FE_CAN_QAM_256

The original code is this:

Reason to change this is that I got this warnings from MythTV:
2008-01-29 23:17:24.171 DVBChan(1:0) Warning: Unsupported modulation
The problem is (as far as I understand this) that MythTV tries to tune with
qam64 (which is correct)
and that the error message comes because the capability indicates that it
cannot do qam64.
Note that MythTV gives only a warning, it does work OK.
Changing the capabilities to include FE_CAN_QAM_64 solves the problem.
Note that the function dst_set_modulation accepts QAM16/32/64/128/148 but
returns -EINVAL  for QAM_AUTO.
I think this is a fix that is not specific for the VP2031A card but that is
valid for all TwinHan DVB-C cards.
However, I have of course only tested with my VP2031A.

Hope this is useful,
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