[linux-dvb] af9015 driver fails on ubuntu 8.04 / alink dtu-m

Peter Parkkali peter.parkkali at iki.fi
Fri Jul 4 20:36:59 CEST 2008

On 4.7.2008, at 20:20, Antti Palosaari wrote:

> Peter Parkkali wrote:
>> I tried it, and it produces exactly the same kind of errors as  
>> before.  However, this time VLC doesn't crash - it just keeps on  
>> sending the  garbled stream out. (Could be a coincidence - the  
>> receiving vlc did  eventually crash.)
>> I tried connecting it via a USB 2 adapter, and there it works 99%  
>> of  the time :) although there are still some glitches in the  
>> picture and  sound. Both vlc and kernel still print the same  
>> messages when running,  but there are fewer,  about 10-20 lines  
>> after running for ~10 min.
>> - peter
> Do you have any USB2.0 port to test?

Yep, that's what I meant in the previous mail - I tested it with both  
USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports earlier today, and with USB 2.0, it works 99%.  
But there are still some minor glitches in reception, as if the signal  
was bad, but it's connected to a keskusantenni so I don't think that's  
very probable..

I put the logs from testing w/ USB 2.0 here since the mailing list  
seems to wrap long lines:

> When I implemented PID-filter for USB1.1 I reached also similar  
> problem, but that was only for broadcasting MUX A in Finland. With  
> other muxes I tested it was OK. I don't know why. Can you ensure  
> that problems are only when viewing MUX A programs?

I'm afraid I don't know how, or what it even means :-/ Do you know if  
that's possible around Helsinki / pääkaupunkiseutu?

The channels.conf I used today was produced with "scan /usr/share/doc/ 
dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/fi-Espoo" with the adapter connected to  
HTV/Welho's cable network here (for some reason they transmit the DVB- 
T signal along with DVB-C, so it's possible to use terrestrial devices).

> Anyhow, USB2.0 port and without PID-filtering your device should  
> work like a charm.

More stupid questions - should I disable PID filtering manually, or is  
it something the driver does automatically when a USB 2.0 port is used?

I can do more testing in the "evening" once I get home, if needed.

Thanks for the help!


Peter Parkkali
peter.parkkali at iki.fi

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