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just tried your patch and it seems to have its effect, i was able to 
tune to HB 13.0 11278.36 V DVB-S2 (8PSK) - 27500 2/3 - Eurosport HD 
which i wasn't able to tune before.

I've also tested all DVB-S2 QPSK / 8PSK transponders i have on astra 
19.2 and HB 13.0 and they all tune fine.
I can't really tell which ones weren't working with current multiproto 
because i don't use most of those channels but i know for sure that ESP 
HD on HB13 wasn't working, and now it is..

I've simply made quick tests with szap2 so i don't know if it's stable 
and so on but i do get a lock pretty quickly, same as DVBS transponders...

maybe other s2-3200 users can confirm thoses tests..



Ales Jurik wrote:
> Hi,
> please try attached patch. With this patch I'm able to get lock on channels 
> before it was impossible. But not at all problematic channels and the 
> reception is not without errors. Also it seems to me that channel switching is 
> quicklier.
> Within investigating I've found some problems, I've tried to compare data with 
> data sent by BDA drivers under Windows (by monitoring i2c bus between stb0899 
> and stb6100):
> - under Windows stb6100 reports not so wide bandwith. (23-31MHz, 21-22MHz and 
> so on).
> - under Windows the gain is set by 1 or 2 higher.
> When setting those parameters constantly to values used under Windows nothing 
> change. So maybe some cooperation with stb0899 part of driver is necessary. 
> Also it is interesting that clock speed of i2c bus is 278kHz, not 400kHz 
> (measured with digital oscilloscope). But this should not have any influence.
> Maybe somebody will be so capable to continue?
> BR,
> Ales
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