[linux-dvb] Re : TT S2-3200 driver

manu eallaud at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 17 13:54:43 CEST 2008

Le 17.07.2008 06:20:36, Remy Bohmer a écrit :
> Hello Ales and Marc,
> > please try attached patch. With this patch I'm able to get lock on
> channels
> Okay, I want to test it too, but I have some troubles getting the
> multiproto drivers up and running.
> The S2-3200 is detected properly in my system, but I have no working
> szap2, or scan, or dvbstream tools.
> The two of you seem to have it working, so maybe you can give me some
> hints:
> What sources (what version) do I need?
> Is there a clear manual available somewhere that describes how to use
> the multiproto drivers?
> What version of szap2 (and scan) should I use? and where can I find
> it?
> Does dvbstream still work? Or can I use Mythtv directly?

If you want to use myth you can try the attached patch (against trunk).
Make sure that the includes in /usr/include/linux/dvb/ are the one from 
your multiproto tree (check for a DVBFE_SET_DELSYS define in the 
frontend.h source).
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