[linux-dvb] saa7162 linux driver docs or development?

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at avalpa.com
Sun Jul 27 18:24:28 CEST 2008


i've puschased a new DVB-T adapter made by lifeview:

it's called flytv express m5 mst t2a2


it has a saa7162 pci-express bridge, here it's described:


my card, an external ExpressCard is missing, maybe i'll fill the wiki with a

anyway i see that linux support of this multimedia chip has been surfacing in
May 2007:


but then it was never heard again..

is there something i can do to test the "GPL-like" driver released by ùphilips
or some real datasheet about this chip.

on nexperia/nxp site this product has been discontinued! so not so hot, it


BTW that card doesn't go at all with the latest manufacturer driver on windows
Vista (the other OS on this new laptop..) so it's very difficult to make reverse
engineering at all..


andrea venturi

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